By purchasing graphic resources on Printablestore, you need to follow these three clear options Licenses and Usage Rules listed below.

1. Personal
The licensed asset can appear in non-commercial project.
You can use our graphics on any personal projects as long as no profit or money is made. 

Can be used for
• End Products Not For Sale
• One personal social media account with non-commercial activities

Cannot be used for
• End products for sale
• Business social media accounts
• Physical or digital paid advertisements
• Native apps, web apps, or game

2. Commercial
The licensed asset can appear in up to 5,000 end products for sale.
If you wish to use our graphics to create a commercial product to sell, we require graphic credit be given to Printablestore including a url that links back to us (clikable link), credit should be placed on the page you display the product, in product description, not on separate pages. (i.e cliparts by Printablestore, graphics by Printablestore, Patterns by Printablestore, etc). 

Can be used for
• Up to 5,000 physical or digital end products for sale
• One business social media account owned and managed by the licensee
• Unlimited physical advertisements for local markets
• Digital paid advertisements with unlimited impressions
• Broadcast and streaming for up to 500,000 lifetime viewers

Cannot be used for
• Native apps, web apps, or game

3. Extended Commercial License
The licensed asset can appear in up to 250,000 end products for sale.
If you are a Designer selling at Print on Demand sites ( such as Zazzle, Cafepress.etc) or if you are a retailer or Wholesaler and produce more than 1000 copy of any products you will need to purchase this Extended Commercial License for mass production.

Can be used for
• Up to 250,000 physical or digital end products for sale
• Unlimited business social media accounts owned and managed by the licensee
• Unlimited physical advertisements for local, national, and global markets
• Digital paid advertisements with unlimited impressions
• Broadcast and streaming for unlimited lifetime viewers
• One native app, web app, or game downloaded or sold up to 250,000 times

Please read what you are allowed and not allowed to do:
1. Digital Product Designers: You can use our cliparts personally or commercially to create digital printable files. Files must be flattened and enough of your own design must be added to make it a new design. This includes any type of digital file whether printable or not.

SIMPLE COLLAGE SHEETS such as round or bottle cap images are not ALLOWED. You MAY NOT create blank templates that can be personalized or customized by your client. For example, blank invitations, blank toppers, blank collage sheets, blank pendant or sticker sheets, etc. This is absolutely not ALLOWED.

Do not sell our designs layered or on white background as printable. You can only sell digital creations for PERSONAL USE. Please note that all files must be personalized by you and sold to a specific customer as a flatenned JPEG or PDF files. No digital products for others to customize are allowed.

2. Printed Product Designers: You can use our products personally or commercially to create printed stationery, handmade or printed cards, brochures, flyers, business cards, all sort of printed party or stationery elements, games, jewelry, clothing, accessories, home decoration and etc. Please note that enough of your design must be added to make it a new original design. For more than 1000 items/products you must contact us for a MASS PRODUCTION LICENSE. 

3. Commercial Digital Scrapbookers: You can use all our cliparts and digital scrapbook papers for your personal projects. But you CANNOT sell our cliparts and any digital scrapbook papers as is or as part of any party package or in a commercial scrapbook kit even it is altered.

4. Vinyl Wall Decals: You can use our products commercially to create vinyl decals or wall "cutout" designs to sell. They need to be personalized and ready to use and shippedd to your customers. Digital files are not allowed.

5. Embroidery Digitizers: You can use our products commercially or personally as long as the file is a digital embroidery file. You may not include our original files in your download. You MUST REQUIRE that your customers using the designs for commercial use to put graphic credit back to Printablestore in their item descriptions when selling online.

6. Cutting File Designers: You can use our cliparts to create layered cutting files only that requires assembly after cutting.You may NOT use our graphics for the creation of digital cutting files to sell commercially. Clipart cannot be simply converted to SVG or other cutting formats and sold as cutting files. JPG, AI, EPS, SVG and PNG format files cannot be shared. 

7. Logo and Web Designers: You can use our products commercially to create logo and web designs to sell and for logo design use if the clipart is part of the design. You may not sell graphic as is as LOGO by itself. You can use our art to create website/blog templates, banners, headers, footers, buttons and store front designs only if the design is flattened 72 dpi. It absolutely cannot be extractable. 

8. Teachers and Educators: You can use our graphics to create educational products for selling or personal use. You must credit Printablestore ( as source of your design inside your PDF file, on your blog or wherever you display the file. We do not allow this use without credit. Teachers must create a disclamer inside their PDF files to protect our cliparts, such as “a copyright statement indicates PDF file can only be used for personal and classroom use".

Teachers must design a decent project / game to offer free digital download PDF files and must place our copyright text inside the file. Your PDF files must be password protected or JPG flattened before being made into a PDF to protect the artwork from being extracted.

9. Fabrics Maker: Reselling fabrics made using Printablestore products is not allowed. You may created a small batch of fabric for personal use if it is incorporated into something you make.

10. Temporary Tattoo Maker:
 You cannot use our graphics to make a temporary tattoo. Do not print on tattoo decal paper and sell. Please remember do not sell our designs layered or on white background. Simple collage is not allowed.

Not Allowed:
* YOU CANNOT sell our product(s) as is and claim as your own. All copyrights remain with Printablestore.
* YOU CANNOT share our product(s) for free, redistribute, repackage or resell the product(s) as is.
* YOU CANNOT offer our product(s) as freebies or on any web site as downloads or send them through a news list or any other way.
* YOU CANNOT use our graphics to create products and sell on a competitor website. For example do not create an invitation / card, template / clipart set to sell on a digital download mall who is direct competitor of Printablestore.
* YOU CANNOT create collage sheets and sell our graphics as blank printable.

All digital products must be sold to third parties for PERSONAL USE. Printablestore reserves the right to modify the policy at anytime without prior notice. 

All rights reserved ©Printablestore 

Thank You,